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Hey hey!

Right, time to tell all of you a little bit about me, I’m a beauty blogger and volgger on YouTube. I live in Ireland and I’m taking a course in Beauty Therapy. I’ve decided to set up a Blog account because I feel it’s a good way for me to connect with other beauty lovers out there.

My blog will consist of mostly product reviews, tips and tricks, step by step tutorials and some other fun stuff! I am in no way a professional, I’m just here to share my love of beauty with all of you!

After years of wanting to do something beauty related I’m finally working towards those dreams!
Hope all of you enjoy my blog posts, and if you’re not much of a reader, check out my YouTube channel. I haven’t much videos up at the moment because I’m working on saving for a new camera! 
My YouTube channel!!

Thank you for reading! Louise, xo.

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