My Top 5 Soap & Glory Products

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Over the last year I have managed to collect numerous amounts of Soap & Glory products, these are the products I use quite regularly. What are your favorite Soap & Glory products? Here are mine:

1. Hand Food 
This has been my go to hand moisturizer for about two years now.  It has a perfume scent, the same scent as most Soap & Glory products which I just love but it might not be for everyone!
It is packaged in a cute, pink, convenient squeeze tube which is useful for just throwing in your bag.
It is priced at €7.99 and can be purchased here

2. The Righteous Body Butter
This has a similar scent to Hand Food yet it has a little fruity, girly scent to it. It is quite thick which I personally like in a body butter, it won’t leave you feeling greasy though! t contains Shea butter and aloe Vera which will do wonders for your skin.
It is priced at €14.99 and can be purchased here.

3. Sugar Crush Body Wash

This has a sweet lime scent which makes me instantly think of summer , its so fruity and fresh. It foams really well and I find 2 – 3 pumps of this body wash on to a lufa is enough to produce lots of lather. It does a great job at waking you up as the smell is so  invigorating.
It is priced at €8.99 and can be purchased here.

4. Scrub ‘Em And Leave ‘Em Body Buff

This scrub has bigger beads which I feel exfoliates me skins faster and deeper.It contains babassu oilsea salt and moisturizing jojoba and mandarin oils which leave skins feeling soft before any moisturizer is applied. It has quite a musky vanilla scent to it.

It is priced at €11.99 and can be purchased here

5. Butter Yourself Body Butter
Clearly I’m a fan of body butters and this one never seems to let me down. The product is pretty thick and only a little amount is required to moisturize the skin.  The butter spreads on skin like real butter and it melts to give moisturized skin! I use it a night and wake up feeling super soft.
It is priced at €14.99 and can be purchased here.

Thank you for reading, please leave any comments you may have down below!

Love Louise xo

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