Review | Lush Tea Tree Toner Water

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water
Hello my loves,
I purchased this Lush Tea Tree Toner Water a couple of months ago as my skin was breaking out and I heard that tea tree is supposed to be good to prevent that and for zapping zits away!
Since this product is an astringent toner I cannot use it daily as I have dry skin and astringent are normally used for oily skin but I wanted to give it a shot to see if it would clear up my breakout.
I only apply it once a week or when I break out in certain areas. I have normally good skin so I usually only break out during hormonal times. I apply a spray onto a cotton pad and rub in circular motions over my face. I didn’t particularly find that it zapped my spots but I did see a decrease in redness. Also, my skin seems to have calmed down even during hormonal times.
Lush Tea Tree Toner Water
With some toners that I have used, I have felt it tightening on my skin but I don’t find that happening with this product which I am surprised about. I find this makes my skin feel refreshed and I sometimes use a little spritz to refresh me.
As you can see by the bottle in the above picture, this product has gotten a lot of love from me and it will continue to! I will 100% repurchase this again. I’d recommend anyone with spot-prone skin to give this a shot because it’s definitely worth it!
It is priced around €13 and can be purchased online from the Lush website. 
Thank you for reading, let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water and what your thoughts are on it. 
Love Louise xo

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