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Good evening lovelies,

I’m just going to be real here and say that I don’t practice what I preach. I’m definitely a lazy person and as much as I love beauty all of these things seem like a chore to me.

1. Taking off my make-up before I get into bed
I can’t even count how many times I will sleep with my make-up on, yes I know how awful it is and I shouldn’t do it but come on 99% of the female population has done it at least once. But in saying this every time I do it I always wake up with spots the next day.. Karma is a bitch.

2. Washing my make-up brushes
Pfft….. This one….
I bought MAC’s brush cleaner to use as a spot cleaner for my brushes so now that I use that I actually forget to deep clean them but somehow Netflix seems more appealing, Gossip Girl? Yes please.

3. Throwing out my mascara after the 6 month mark
I didn’t even know this was a rule until I went to college. Seriously though, how many of you throw yours out after 6 months? I certainly don’t. If I pay €30 for a mascara I’m going to make sure I get my moneys worth out of it.

4. Keeping my nails painted
This is the biggest chore of all time. I paint them and two minutes later they chip and I have to redo them. NO. And I can’t afford to get my nails done every couple of weeks so I’m just going to flaunt my naked nails. lol.

5. Tidying my make-up away after use
Like I said I’m a lazy girl so my theory is if I leave it out then I don’t have to take it out tomorrow to use it again? Get me? I obviously put the caps back on everything but I never seem to just put them back into there drawers..

So I hope you’re not judging me right now.
Tell me the beauty thing you suck at in the comments below.
Thank you for reading.
Louise xo


  1. Aah I'm terrible at painting my nails! Mine are done atm but for the first time since before Christmas! Will probs be another few months before I do them again hehe. Thanks for chatting in the socialbloggers chat 😀 xo
    amber love

  2. Totally guilty of all of these! I know you should throw old mascara away, but I never thought anyone actually did it…? I agree with you, you should definitely get your moneys' worth!

  3. I don't think anyone do really, if it smells and looks okay then I'm going to continue to use it! x Thank you for reading 🙂

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