Kylie Jenners Hair | Celebrity

Oh my…. Can we all just hold up a minute and admire Kylies hair?
I love it so much, I’m all for crazy hair colours, so I seriously cannot get over how much I love this on Kylie.

She has rocked so many different hair colors in the past couple of months, from black to grey to blue but is now currently rocking all over turquoise blue. I definitely prefer her hair longer, I think it frames her face better.

Which has been your favorite look? 
Mine would have to be the long blue/black hair.
Hair goals.. haha


  1. Yeah I loved the Coachella hair! I'm pretty sure she's changed it back again though! Thank you for reading! x

  2. I know it must be ridiculous! I think she's gone back to black again, I could be wrong though! Thank you for reading! x

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