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Cocoa Brown Tan

Evening ladies, 

I hope you’re all enjoying the gorgeous sunshine us lucky Irish have been getting recently.

Today I wanted to tell you all about my tanning routine, I have been wearing tan religiously recently coming into the summer months.
The tan I use is Cocoa Brown 1 hour mousse tan, I first picked up a sample size of it and loved it the moment I used it!

Before I apply my tan I shower, I exfoliate my skin using Frank Body Scrub (post to follow) ensuring to get the tough spots like the knees and elbows, any place where the tan might sit unevenly. I make sure to shave before I tan as I don’t want to strip the color. So once I have showered, I pat myself dry, lust over the smell of Frank, then proceed to apply my tan.

I use an tanning mit which I picked up from Penneys for roughly €2, any tanning mit will do the job. Don’t forget to shake well before applying it to the mit as it is a mousse.
I start from the bottom and work my way up from my feet, knees, belly, bum, arms, chest and back. You will see an instant color from the beginning of application so you will know where it has already been applied to. Once I make sure that I have no white patches left, I wait about 10 minutes for it to fully dry, apply loose fitted PJ’s, (as I always apply my tan at night time) and let the tan do its job.
In the morning when I’m looking nice and brown I hop in the shower and wash the color guard off to reveal a gorgeous bronze tan, then I’m ready to go show it off to everyone.


I cannot rave enough about Cocoa Brown and how amazing it makes me feel. I am ever so thankful to Marissa Carter for creating this wonderful product and keeping all us girls bronzed all year round for an unbelievable price of just €7.99
Cocoa Brown Tan

Have you tried Cocoa Brown tan? Do you love it like I do?
Let me know your opinions below.

Thank you for reading,
Louise xo

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