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I went shopping Saturday so some summer clothes for my holidays, I picked up a pair of shorts in Pennys for €9, normally I’m a size 8 but when I brought them home they wouldn’t even go past my legs. Naturally this made me feel quite crappy but it also opened my eyes to how shit my diet has gotten over the past few months. I normally eat quite healthy but recently I’ve been eats crisp, chocolate, bread, bagels and everything else that isn’t good for me and I’ve noticed the change in my body and my mood.

So now it’s time for a change, for the better. I know you all might think that being a size 10 is still small but when you’re used to being a size and then all of a sudden you’re clothes no longer fit that’s when you know you need a change.

I’m hoping to start a fitness plan but this is where I need YOUR help. I cannot afford a personal trainer as I’m not working and I don’t know any fitness fanatics that could help me out so I’m all you. What routine do you use? Do you find it helpful?

Personally I would prefer something that can be done at home as gyms are quite expensive around my area.

Have you any ideas what would be useful to me?

Thank for you help in advance,


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