Why I’m Voting Yes

First off for those of you who aren’t Irish and haven’t a clue what I’m on about I’m going to explain a little bit. On Friday the 22nd there is going to be voting happening all around Ireland. This voting will determine whether same sex marriage become legal or not.

I am voting YES to same sex marriage as I feel everyone should be treated equally and no one should be singled out because of their sexual preferences. I feel as though gay people should be entitled to all the same rights as straight people because lets face it, we’re all human. We all have the same needs and one of those needs is love. Why should straight people be allowed to express their love for one another through marriage but it’s illegal for gay people?

No voters are also saying that if same sex marriage becomes legal that children will suffer because they need both a mother and a father? But what about all those thousands of people who have raised their children alone without the mother or father present? I’m sure those kids have turned out fine. Another thing being said is that children will be bullied if they have two same sex parents, as this may be true, it will only happen if we teach or children that same sex marriage is wrong. If we teach them that it’s okay to be gay then they will think nothing of their class mate having two mammies or two daddies.

I hope this influenced your decision in some way and that you might consider voting yes because everyone deserves to be happy and everyone deserves to express their love!

What is your opinion on same sex marriage? Do you agree? What are you going to vote?

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