My Brow Routine

Hello loves,
Not too long ago I ordered the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil online, now I already have the Anastasia Dipbrow but I have seen tons of people rave about the brow wiz so naturally being the make-up addict that I am I had to get it. 
I figured the brow wiz would be great to apply to the front of my brow as it applies light and doesn’t make my brows look too caked.

The dipbrow is a tinted, cream pomade which lasts all day! As I want the tip of my brow to be more defined I use the dip brow with an angled brush. I have to be super careful when applying the dipbrow as it can be a little tricky.
I generally start off with the tip of my brow, taking a tiny bit of the dipbrow on a angled brush I sclupt out the tip of my brow and work my way around the arch and underneath, I then fill in the centre with small light strokes, stopping about half way. This is where the brow wiz comes in, I use that to shape the front of my brow and fill in the rest of it.
I know this seems like a lot of work but in my opinion you can never be too high maintenance when it comes to your eyebrows.

They both last all day which is what we all want in brow products. I would recommend setting the dipbrow with a brow gel though as it can sometimes transfer.
I have both products in the color Ebony.
You can purchase them from the Anastasia Website or from Beauty Bay

 Louise, xo

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