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Hello loves,

A few months ago I ordered some Cute Nutrition products, based off Sarah Ashcrofts recommendations, I’ve been trying and testing them out the last couple of months and I wanted to tell you how I’ve found them to be
So the bundle that I got was if I remember correctly called their summer bundle, which include Strawberry/Chocolate/Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake, Dandelion Root supplement, CLA supplement and a adorable shaker. The summer bundle is still available on their website. 

Despite its name, I don’t use the meal replacement shake as a meal replacer, I’m the type of person who needs my breakfast, lunch and dinner each day to stay sane. So I use the shake in between meals,  usually in between breakfast and lunch as there can sometimes be 5-6 hour gap between meals. 
I take one scoop of the shake and then fill the shake up about half way with almond milk, I’ve tried other milks and water but I find almond the best.
I then take 2 dandelion root tablets a day, one at breakfast and one at dinner time. Dandelion root are known for helping reduce water weight, commonly used in detox regimes to protect the liver against alcohol and drugs as well as water retention.

I take one CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) supplement a day at breakfast, CLA is a fatty acid derived from safflower oil. It is known to induce fat loss therefore helping with weight management and increase your metabolic rate. 

Overall I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my weight, but I wasn’t expecting too. I have noticed that I don’t get sweet cravings as much as I did and I don’t feel as bloated anymore. The shake will keep me full for about 2-3 hours so it’s doing what it needs to, however as I said I don’t use it to replace a meal so I don’t know how well it works in that sense.

I will keep using them for another few months and update you guys again to see if it makes any differences
Until next time,
Louise 💗

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