Getting Back Into Routine

Hello loves,

So it’s currently 6:30am while I’m writing this, its my first day back to college after a nice long Christmas break off so I’m just sat here typing this and sipping my coffee. This is a little unplanned, random post that I had no intention of writing but it just kind of happened when I sat down this morning.

So if you read my Growing Up To Soon Post you will know that I have a pretty hectic life, 5 animals (It was 3 but we got two hamsters!) , a house, full time education, part time job and a tiny bit of a social life. I’m going to tell you all how I manage (at least sometimes).

I’ve never been someone who loved getting up early, I still don’t, not while it’s still dark out at 8am. But I’m trying to train my body to wake up at 5:30 every morning because I have to either be in college for 9am 4 days a week and in work at 8am the other 3 days so having some hours to get my shit together seems like a good idea.

I’m not one of those people who prepares the night before, I’m more of a run around the house 10 minutes before I need to leave looking for my SD card. But I have noticed that doing certain little buts the night before makes for an easier morning.

Normally I will:

  • Pick up the house, put away anything that I won’t be using the next morning. 
  • I’ll set out my cup ready for my coffee in the morning so its just a matter of hitting a button, 
  • I usually load & run the dishwasher the night before so everything is fresh and clean for the morning. 
Silly little things makes for an easier, stress free morning.
My Routine in the morning pretty much goes like:
  • Wake up at 5:30 but lay in bed until 5:50 checking all social media
  • Get up and make some coffee ( I can’t make the bed until Ryan gets up)
  • At this point I’ll either do something productive, like today. Or I’ll watch some YouTube videos.
  • Feed all the animals and start getting ready for the day.
I’m not really someone who eats breakfast in the morning, I generally don’t get hungry until around 11am.
That’s pretty much all I do to, ensure that I have what needs to be done done and after that I can relax, and play with the animals. 
That’s it for me for now, 
Until next time my loves,
Louise, 💗

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