Be Your Own Valentine

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”

Hello loves,

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and although it’s a day filled with love and happiness it can tend to bring a mix of emotions for people, it can be a sad day, while for others it’s lonely.
Whether you’re loved up or not, this Valentines’ Day you should focus on yourself. While self-care is important every day it’s especially important on days that you just want to end.

Here are some little things to do to make this day a little brighter.

1. Bubble Bath – pick up your favorite bath bomb, stick some Netflix on your laptop & go for a nice long soak.

2.A Glass of Wine – red, white, rose, whatever your preference a nice glass of wine is sure to relax you.

3. Good book – whether it be a self-care book, romance or fiction. Whatever your genre is there is nothing better than getting stuck into a good book.

4. Cheesy music & dance – have you ever popped on S Club 7 and just danced your night away? It’s the most invigorating yet fun thing. and you can do it in the comfort of your own living room.

5. Get the girls round – remember as a teenager having sleepovers with your girlfriends, staying up for hours chatting about whatever & laughing at absolutely everything. Why not arrange a night in beside the fire with your fave girlies & laugh the night away.

6. Bake cookies – baking is so much fun, especially knowing that you get to eat the yummy treats after.


Until next time, 

Louise, xo


  1. I have to admit, a day of self-pampering sounds more enticing right now than dragging myself off to a dinner:) It's important to enjoy our alone time and a bubble bath sounds SO good right now. thanks for the great ideas.

  2. That's true!! For non-fiction, my current favourite is Unleash Your Inner Money Babe by Kathrin Zenkina. For fiction, not at the moment. Though I do want to get back to reading YA novels soon 🙂

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