Keep Your Mind Busy – Covid-19 Social Distancing Tips

Hello loves,

I just wanted to start out by saying I hope you’re all safe & that let’s all follow the social distancing protocol until this is all over. If we can all do our bit and stay inside unless absolutely necessary then it will stop.

During the two weeks of lockdown, if you’re not in a position to work your job from home but you do have to self-quarantine then things can get boring real quicking. I’m sharing some tips for making this lockdown more enjoyable. I will soon be sharing a post with my tips on working from home.

Writing – whether it be blogging, book writing, journaling, whatever your choice is, use this time to get really stuck into it. Two weeks is a long enough time to see significant progress in your writing.

Baking – there are so many yummy recipes online that you can try so instead of panicking about not having any bread in why not bake your own? While you’re at it maybe try this cookie recipe or if you’re feeling brave this chocolate cake recipe looks incredible.

baking - louise corbally

Cleaning – that spare bedroom that you’ve been putting off because you didn’t have enough time? Well, now you do! Start slowing with it, make a list of each area that you want to clean & work your way through it. You don’t have to complete the list in one day – spread it over a number of days so the task doesn’t seem too daunting.

Decorating – now is the perfect time to decorate the house. Get around to re-painting the bedroom or finally laying that floor that you’ve been meaning to do. Provided you know how to do these things & you have the necessary tools then get on to it! By the end of all this at least you’ll have a lovely decorated house to show off.

Planning – give me an excuse to sit down with a cup of tea and whip out the ol’ notebook. I love making lists, planning my days, writing out my goals and just planning in general. If I can get my thoughts in order then I can start working towards my goals – planning helps me to that. So grab your notebook and start making those lists. Also, any excuse to pick up some new stationery right? This is the notebook that I’m currently using.

planning - louise corbally

Remember, it’s important to keep busy & keep your mind active. Especially in times like these where we’re all feeling a little uneasy. Some other small things you can do to keep yourself occupied during this unfortunate experience.

  • Read a book / Or re-read an old favorite
  • Donate old clothes
  • Research something you’ve always wondered
  • Organize the cupboards
  • Snuggle fest with your dog or cat (if their willing)
  • At-home workouts
  • Try out new recipes – the perfect time to whip out the crockpot again.
  • Practice self-care – check out my Top 5 tips

We’re all here for each other & remember that everyone is just as confused as you. Let’s be nice to all our retail workers who are working hard to ensure there is plenty of food being restocked constantly. Our healthcare workers and those who are on the frontline who are working so so hard to help everyone.

For more information on Covid-19 check out the WHO.

Stay safe,

Until next time,

Louise, xo



  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas, Louise. It’s so positive to see the benefits of staying at home during such a challenging time. I always have things to organise, plus tons of books waiting to be read. Thank you for sharing the recipes too – cookies and chocolate cake sound absolutely delicious! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  2. These are some really great ideas, thank you for sharing! I’m WFH so my days are taken up by that but definitely need some things to do this weekend!

  3. Great tips, thank you for sharing. I’m working from home but with my spare time I’m currently trying to get a bit of spring cleaning done but it’s a much bigger job than I expected 😂

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